Women Chemists Committee


ACS Awards

Rising Star Award
This award recognizes exceptional early to mid-career women chemists across all areas who have demonstrated outstanding promise for contributions to their respective fields. To be given annually, beginning in 2012, this new award is also intended to help promote retention of women in science.More information on the award criteria can be found here.
June 15, 2016 deadline

Women and Entrepreneurship

WCC continues to be an active part of the grassroots ACS coalition, the Chemical Entrepreneurship Council. Our goal is to help women chemists gain the skills necessary to translate their innovative research to tangible products and services.

From Invention to Venture (I2V)
This workshop, held at the 2011 Northwest Regional Meeting of the ACS
, focused on the key challenges facing chemists as they start up new ventures or license or otherwise transfer technology.

From Invention to Venture: Women and Technology Entrepreneurship
This workshop, held at the Fall 2009 ACS National Meeting, was targeted at scientists who want to gain insight and skills needed to competitively represent innovation.

Women Chemists in the National Inventors Hall of Fame

This project is intended to entertain you and to bring you to a new state of understanding about people and science, about scientists and inventors, about a group of people who could have lived next door to you.


Non-tenure Track Faculty White Paper

This report outlines employment trends and the issues that face non-tenure track faculty, as well as the departments in which they work. 

WCC, along with the Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs and the Committee on Education, has formed a task force on non-tenure-track faculty.


In 2002, the American Chemical Society provided seed funding and launched a pilot project aimed at facilitating the full participation and advancement of women scientists and engineers in the chemical sciences.  The overall project is called PROGRESS (Partnerships, Reflection, Openness, Grants, Resources, Education, Site Visits and Success), and it consists of seven independent but interconnected programs: (1) Corporate Recognition; (2) Web-based Resource Center; (3) Be Visible: funding seminar speakers; (4) ACS Course on Business and Leadership Skills for Women in the Chemical Workforce; (5) Thriving in the Workplace Roadshows; (6) GROW: Grants for Renewal Opportunities for Women; and (7) Academic Awareness/Site Visits. 

Read the ACS PROGRESS Final Report.

Successful Women in Chemistry Articles

Julia Brumaghim
Spring 2015

Gwen Gross
Fall 2013
Kathryn Uhrich
Fall/Winter 2009
Lauren Benz
Spring 2015
Michelle Hamm
Fall 2013
Sherrie Pietranico-Cole
Spring/Summer 2008
Elizabeth Jarvo
Spring 2015
Sunghee Lee
Fall 2013
Nancy Foster-MIlls
Fall/Winter 2007
Abigail Doyle
Spring 2015
Lisa Marcaurelle
Fall 2013
Robin Garrell
Spring/Summer 2007
Rebecca Ruck
Spring 2015
Gretchen Schroeder
Spring 2013
Cynthia A. Maryanoff
Fall/Winter 2006
Beth Cooper
Spring 2015
Annaliese Franz
Spring 2013
Bilin Tsai
Spring/Summer 2006
Nicole Knight
Spring 2015
Megan Sassin
Spring 2013
Nancy Jackson
Fall/Winter 2005
Jillian Buriak
Fall 2014
Malika Jeffries-EL
Spring 2013
Rebecca Seibert
Fall/Winter 2004
Cynthia Burrows
Fall 2014
Karin Balss
Fall 2012
Sharon Haynie
Spring/Summer 2004
Jennifer Schomaker
Fall 2014
Laurie Breyfogle
Fall 2012
Susan Butts
Fall 2003
Katherine Ayers
Fall 2014
Christine Ingersoll
Fall 2012
Lou Dunlap
Spring 2003
Katherine Kemmann
Fall 2014
Lisa Regalla
Fall 2012
Catherine Woytowicz
Fall 2002
Nicole Crane
Fall 2014
Sarah Reisman
Fall 2012
Diane M. Artman
Fall/Winter 2001
Michelle Claffey
Fall 2014
Peggy Macatangay
Spring 2012
Grace Torrijos
Spring/Summer 2001
Jong-In Hahm
Spring 2014
Paula Hammond
Fall 2011
Kim Martin
Fall 2000
Joy Haley
Spring 2014
Billie Collier
Spring 2011
Barbara J. Slatt
Summer 2000
Mary Watson
Spring 2014
Stephanie Mabry
Spring 2010
Marion Thurnauer
Fall/Winter 1999
Catherine Patterson
Fall 2013
 Lisa McElwee-White
Spring/Summer 2009
Shannon Davis
Fall 1998

Successful Women in Chemistry Book

The WCC is pleased to promote the exciting book, Successful Women in Chemistry: Corporate America’s Contribution to Science. This book is an inspirational reading for anyone interested in achieving success in chemistry or any technical field. Insightful opening remarks by ACS Executive Director Madeleine Jacobs underscore the book’s timeliness for today’s readers.