Women Chemists Committee

WCC Structure

Appointment/Membership to the National Women Chemists Committee

The Members of the Committee are appointed jointly by the Chair of the ACS Board of Directors and the ACS President-Elect (who receive recommendations from the Committee on Committees [ConC]).

  • There are 15 Members who serve 1- to 3-year terms (a 3-year term is most common).   Members may serve on WCC for up to 9 years (i.e., three 3-year appointments, not including the time served as Associates).
  • The Chair is appointed in the same manner as the Members.
  • Committee Associates and Consultants serve 1-year terms.
  • Consultants bring particular skills or expertise to the Committee through a clearly defined role such as a special project.  Consultants should serve no more than five years.  Consultants may be former Members of the WCC who have served their statutory limit or those who express interest but are not able to serve as full Members.

Councilors and Alternate Councilors can indicate interest in serving on the WCC through the annual Interest Assessment Form sent by ConC. If you are not a Councilor and interested in serving on the Committee, you can submit your name at wcc@acs.org.

WCC is currently structured with 4 Subcommittees: Professional Development, Awards & Recognition, Communications & Technology and Programs & Events.

Check out the Local & Regional page for more information on how to become involved with a local WCC.


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